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Hi, I make cartoons for fun. If you like stupid humor, then you are at the right place.


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Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - September 18th, 2020

You definitely noticed I’ve been a lot less active here. I’m currently dealing with school and the Billy Wiggly Tapes, and this is currently not my time. My stuff will still be here, I just won’t be active. I won’t be replying to any DMs or comments. Maybe I’ll be back when I have free time, but the possibility is pretty slim. You can find me on YouTube and Discord from now on. Anyways, I now must say goodbye to you all, as well as my account.


Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - August 5th, 2020

Since I’m working on multiple projects, I’m thinking for this series, instead of me being a one-man band, I will be looking for animators, music composers, voice actors, and editors for this series. I know I could never do this alone, so please comment down below if you would like to volunteer in the making of this series. It’ll be a lot less stressful for me just writing and directing, and I hope this Erie’s will be better than I originally imagined. That’s all for now, and as always, STAY RED!


Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - July 31st, 2020

Sorry for not being active for a while. I was working on the remake for my web series: The Billy Wiggly Tapes. But I’m also here to tell you that Dooglies: The Movie is being majorly delayed. I don’t really have the time for it anymore, but maybe next time (when I have more free-time) I’ll work on it, but with a bigger group. Sorry to break some hearts, but I’ll definitely celebrate the Dooglie Comics’ 1st anniversary. Anyways. That’s all I gotta say, and as always, STAY RED!!!

Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - July 8th, 2020

Hey, uh... I’m trying to make a FANDOM wiki, and I honestly need help because I have no idea how to make one. So please comment down below if you want to help. I’ll invite you to my discord, and we can talk...

Oh and also I may need some tiny help with some cartoons but that part doesn’t matter.

Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - June 27th, 2020

Hello RredGrizzlians. So by the time you are reading this, you probably have seen the change in the banner and profile pic. This is just testing if you guys like the newer one than the original. Please send feedback below.

Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - June 13th, 2020

All the voice actors for the film have been chosen. And I’ve already committed on doin the whole animation. Now for the rest, I will need help for that. Especially the music. So if anybody has any music they’d like to be featured in the film, please comment down below.

Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - June 12th, 2020

On my website, I am making a Q&A comic series about a box, a scribble, a card from poker, and a flower pot... It’s not as weird as it sounds, I promise... Okay, maybe a little but please go on my website and ask some questions to them because I really want to make it into a comic series.

Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - May 31st, 2020

For future cartoons, I don’t want to be the only one voicing them (though I have many voices), I want others to voice in it. I don’t know exactly how, but I’m thinking I can set up a discord on my Mac and people can say their lines and I record them on my tablet. So please reply if you are interested in voice acting in future cartoons.


Posted by rredgrizzlytoons - May 31st, 2020

On August 29, 2020 at 8pm, Dooglies: The Movie will be premiering on YouTube.com. After the premiere, it will be uploaded to new grounds.